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“CYNAMICS—A Market Juggernaut…And We Did It In Only 4 Years"

Introduction from Cynamics Director of Government Sales, Anthony Gomez: "I recently had a conversation with our CEO. He reinforced something to me. Cynamics is a market juggernaut—and we did it in only 4 years. You can look at all of the prevailing market indicators; year-over-year growth, customer acquisition, new market penetration, Gartner recognition. All of this is great news. That said, I would argue that redefining the market through transformational technology is the truest affirmation of a disruptive, market-changing company. Providing a revolutionary approach to threat prediction and visibility, Cynamics needs only 1% of network traffic to provide 100% visibility. No blind spots or latency. This is patented technology —so nobody is doing it. If you look at legacy solutions, AI & machine learning have been bolted onto existing product lines. Cynamics has been purpose-built from its inception to effectively exploit AI's current potential while remaining aggressively proactive about anticipating future advancements. In terms of cybersecurity, we’ve established ourselves as the best positioned to capitalize on breakthroughs in the rapidly evolving AI landscape."

In an era where cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, businesses and organizations worldwide are seeking innovative solutions to protect their networks from potential cyber breaches and attacks. Among the pioneers in this rapidly evolving threat landscape is Cynamics, a market juggernaut that has revolutionized the field of threat prediction and network visibility in a remarkably short period of just four years. The vision was clear from the start—to create a cybersecurity solution that would not only keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape but also stay ahead of it.

The true affirmation of our market-changing potential lies in the prevailing market indicators. Year over year, Cynamics witnessed exponential growth, demonstrated by a rapidly expanding customer base, penetrating new markets by introducing two other product lines and earning the recognition of industry analysts, most notably from Gartner as a "Strong Performer" in the 2023 Voice of the Customer Peer Insights Report.

Unlike traditional solutions that require capturing and analyzing an overwhelming amount of network traffic, Cynamics utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve 100% visibility with just 1% of the traffic. This patented technology eliminates blind spots and latency, providing organizations with an unprecedented advantage in detecting and mitigating potential threats. Learn more about our patented technology here. This approach has enabled Cynamics to consistently stay ahead of the curve, positioning itself as the frontrunner in leveraging AI to combat cybersecurity threats effectively. Read how we are bringing our innovative solution to large data centers with Nvidia in this datasheet.

Conclusion: By redefining the market through transformative AI-driven solutions, Cynamics has cemented its position as a market juggernaut in just four years. As Cynamics continues to grow and innovate, the cybersecurity landscape can look forward to a future where threats are met with unmatched visibility and efficiency, making the digital world safer for everyone. The journey of Cynamics has only just begun, and the next four years hold the promise of even greater achievements and advancements in the field of cybersecurity.

See Cynamics in action and learn more from our team of experts by booking your demo today.


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