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The only unified network threat prediction solution that’s agentless, appliance-free, and built to scale.

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Network Blueprint

Network Blueprint is Cynamic’s breakthrough technology that combines AI and deep learning to autonomously detect and analyze patterns across networks, using a fraction of data flow to infer the entire flow. This gives organizations complete network visibility to identify and prevent threats long before they hit, without the need to monitor every single network device.

The next generation technology autonomously detects and analyzes patterns - from network edge devices to user endpoints, for a holistic view of the entire network. Network Blueprint collects small traffic samples from every network device or VPC – whether it’s a legacy router, private or public cloud, using standard sampling protocols built into every network device. 

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How it works


Through a combination of proprietary algorithms and technologies, Cynamics has developed a new kind of transfer learning which normalizes different networks to create a single global ‘basic fundamental’. The global model continuously evolves to develop comprehensive, deep pattern recognition of threats and anomalies, as it knows how servers, machines, subnets, and more should normally behave.

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Cynamics uses 1% of data traffic to gain 100% visibility.

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Learn how Cynamics combines two deep learning frameworks – a local expert algorithm and global expert algorithm, to continuously learn and evolve autonomously and automatically from each network.


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