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Cynamics AI-in-the-Edge

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​​Cynamics AI-in-the-edge is the only Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that can work in any data center - no matter its size, architecture, and complexity. Using standard sampling protocols built-in to the data center network gateways, Cynamics patented AI algorithms provides end-to-end coverage (100%) of the entire network from collecting less than 1% of the traffic samples without implying any performance overhead.

With Cynamics AI-in-the-edge, the largest data centers can have complete network coverage, visibility, and predictions of attacks and threats before they hit. Once an attack is detected, they can see full root-cause information down to the smoking gun and mitigate the threat either manually or automatically with Cynamics auto-remediation capability that can send instructions directly to their gateways.


How it works

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Why AI in the Edge

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Built for the largest and most complex networks

Our algorithms are optimized to process large volumes of data from multiple sources simultaneously, providing comprehensive network coverage regardless of network size or structure. This is crucial in today's world with the increase of data centers that make the networks even more complex with more endpoints and devices being added regularly.

Complete Network Coverage

Cynamics AI-in-the-Edge offers complete coverage of your data center network, regardless of its size, architecture, or complexity. With our solution, you can have complete visibility of your network.

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Threat prediction

Our solution uses advanced AI algorithms that analyze a small fraction of your network to get complete visibility, predicting and mitigating threats before they can cause any damage. This feature helps to ensure that your data center is protected from even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

No performance impact

A dedicated patent for crunching the small samples to ensure no network performance overheads.

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Get Cynamics AI-in-the-Edge and NVIDIA Whitepaper

Get this whitepaper to learn how Cynamics, in collaboration with NVIDIA, ensures continuous validation of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 4.0.


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