Cynamics resources

  • The Cynamics Journey to AWS GovCloud

    Thinking about moving from regular AWS cloud to GovCloud? This Cynamics case study tells you what to look out for and the steps to take. Benefit from Cynamics' expertise for a smooth transition for your company.

  • Cynamics Revealing - Using Malicious Pings for 
C&C and Data Leakage

    See what happened when Cynamics detected malicious usage of allegedly innocent ping packets for its public sector and government clients, and the mitigation steps that followed.

  • Every Moment Counts One Pager

    Modern networks grow more complex and interconnected each day. With new connections
    comes increased potential for vulnerabilities and backdoors...

  • Cynamics Data Sheet

    Cynamics keeps your networks secured and optimized, providing complete visibility of the threats and risks...

  • Cynamics Use-Cases

    Inferring complete network visibility from small traffic samples is a hard
    problem in both academy and industry...

  • Network Fundamentals

    Cynamics’ core breakthrough is the ability to keep learning and evolving automatically
    and autonomously from each new customer by a combination of 2 deep learning frameworks...

  • How to See the Unseen Network

    In this white paper, we’ll explore a new approach to obtaining complete
    visibility for your smart networks using Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

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Cynamics - Predict. Prevent. Optimize.

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