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The Cynamics Mission

We help organizations protect their networks and stay safe. By providing threat prediction and visibility quickly and at scale, we deliver elite cyber defense to networks of any size and complexity. Cynamics is the only Cloud-Based network detection and response solution that uses standard sampling
protocols that built in to every gateway, providing organizations with an advanced technology capabilities, with minimal burden on their resources.

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The Team

The Cynamics team is comprised of experienced intelligence and technology experts from a wide variety
of disciplines, including cyber intelligence and warfare, government security, AI, machine learning, and more. Our diverse, multi-national team is committed to providing the highest level of network security to organizations, so they can focus on their operations and thrive.

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We are shaping the future –
a scalable, cost-effective network visibility solution. Our young dynamic team is agile and bright. We approach our work-life balance just as seriously as we tackle the latest technological challenge.

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Cynamics’ Development


  • Cynamics launch

  • Israel HQ opening

  • First US clients


  • $7M in Funding

  • 4th Patent

  • Boston HQ opening

  • Presented Technical AI Papers at:

    • IETF

    • ACM CCS AISec 21’


  • Industry Recognitions:

    • CRN Stellar Startup

    • ​‘Top Performer’ in Gartner VoC

    • GigaOM NDR report

  • Cynamics Federal with Merlin launch 

  • Cynamics AI in the edge with Nvidia launch 

  • Cynamics & Nvidia IP filing


  • 3 Patents​​

  • Cynamics AI Network Blueprint launch


  • Cloud capabilities

  • Dedicated MSSP product launch 

  • Industry Recognitions:

    • Gartner’s Guide for NDR

    • 'Distinguished Vendor' by TAG Cyber

  • Two IP filings



Registration No. 11,711,310

Inferring 100% network coverage from small samples


Publication No. US-2024-0015134-A1

Predicting network assets from small network samples


Publication No. US-2022-0053010-A1

Predicting Ransomware attacks


 Application No. 63/454,130

Detecting anomalies from network samples


Registration No. 11,716,338

Predicting threats using small sample


Application No. 63/468,290

Optimizing network sampling in large data-centers


Publication No. US-2023-0090205-A1

Predicting endpoint threats without an agent


Application No. 63/553,684

Optimizing sampling a small subset of data

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