Enabling Networks across multiple verticals to identify performance issues and predict & prevent attacks before they hit


Local Government

Urban centers are experiencing explosive population growth. To sustain this massive increase, cities are leveraging the capabilities of IoT devices and City technologies to create automated and intelligent solutions. But the myriad of interconnected layers and devices create network performance issues and dangerous blindspots from which attackers can infiltrate these sensitive networks.

Attacks to City Networks cripple municipal and government systems and prevent employees from accessing the resources they need. The mitigation and clean up costs are typically in the millions—and as urban areas grow, these costs are only going to increase. Thwarting these attacks requires ensuring continual network visibility and routing out hidden threats before they hit, something which has eluded cities and counties until now.

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Public Safety 

Public safety agencies, such as Fire, Police and EMS, depend on digital communication to respond to emergent situations with speed and accuracy. The complex and interconnected networks that support Emergency Communication Centers (ECC) are no strangers to cyber attacks. These mission critical networks are seen by attackers as soft targets to help them gain entry to higher value targets. 


Not only are attacks to Emergency Communication Centers (ECC) costly, they can put lives in danger. Keeping attackers out of these sensitive networks is paramount. But to do that, network operators must obtain visibility into all network layers and components, which has proven to be incredibly difficult to put into action.

Critical Infrastructure 

Critical Infrastructure providers are vital to the functioning of any country. This group includes manufacturing, transportation, energy production, the financial sector, healthcare and communications, among other sectors. If the functionality of any of these key groups is harmed in any way, it can greatly impact the country as a whole.


These sectors, which span physical and virtual landscapes, are prime targets for attackers looking to create chaos. But attacks to Critical Infrastructure sectors can have far worse consequences than attacks to other verticals because they also compromise national safety. To prevent attacks, operators need high level network awareness. But with both and legacy components running, gaining visibility has been nearly impossible.

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Cynamics is Building the Impossible for Network Visibility 


Dark fiber


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Cynamics is helping City, Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure CIOs and CISOs gain complete visibility into the full spectrum of their networks.


Cymanics captures network traffic samples from all three layers—dark fiber, the wireless layer and the IoT layer—to obtain unlimited visibility, preventing blindspots and predicting attacks before they hit your network. 

Cynamics is changing the network visibility game, delivering crystal clear, end-to-end understanding into what’s taking place across your network while staying within IT and security budget.