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AI-Based NDR: How the Public Sector can Leverage AI to Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Updated: Mar 19

The traditional methods of cybersecurity are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats and attacks. Hackers have grown smarter as digital infrastructures have migrated to the cloud, exposing back doors and vulnerabilities that traditional cybersecurity methods often overlook. Government agencies are constantly receiving more information and data by the thousands, making it harder for the IT team to keep up, causing the network to be more vulnerable. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer better and new opportunities for any industry, especially those in the public sector, to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities beyond what humans can do. This blog will outline the advantages of implementing an AI-based network detection and response solution, how to implement this type of solution, and the best practices for government agencies moving forward in 2023.

Advantages of an AI-based NDR solution like Cynamics

The Cynamics approach to network detection and response uses packet sampling: taking a fraction of your network's data to be able to analyze the whole network providing full visibility. Collecting small network samples allows Cynamics to scale to the largest networks out there and the data that comes with them, in real-time. By using machine-learning algorithms, Cynamics can analyze large amounts of data while adapting and improving over time. Ultimately, becoming more effective at identifying new and evolving threats, and keeping your network secure before an attack even hits. Moreover, AI-based solutions, like Cynamics can process and analyze data from multiple sources like end-point and network log data, making the solution smarter and faster.

Read this blog post to learn about a new term in the space and how it is shaping the future of NDR.

Implementing an AI-Based NDR solution

There are a few steps to take so your organization can operate with an AI-based network detection and response solution:

  1. Ensuring you have the right technology: Does your organization have the right infrastructure in place to be able to support the collection and analysis of data? Luckily, Cynamics makes it possible to implement our solution on any size network. Cynamics also covers the whole network across on-premise, VPC & hybrid network environments by having no network configuration, being appliance-free, and being agentless. Cynamics works with your network, making it possible to work with any infrastructure. You can onboard yourself in just minutes from our website to gain insights in seconds.

  1. Having the right data: Do you have high-quality, diverse data that can train the AI system to continuously improve accuracy? Cynamics takes its knowledge with every network, making it smarter and stronger as we grow. We can ensure your network will be covered with our powerful knowledge base from protecting hundreds of other networks of different sizes.

  2. Having a cybersecurity team in place: Does your organization have a cybersecurity team that can operate and maintain the system while also interpreting and validating the results? With Cynamics, you can be a one-man show. Cynamics is self-managed. This means you can flag breaches as you deem necessary. For example, if Cynamics detects something malicious and alerts you, but it was just a large file you downloaded, you can dismiss this and mark it as "usual" on the Cynamics dashboard, without the Cynamics team interfering. We also provide cyber analyst hours where each discovery is thoroughly explained, making Cynamics your personalized cybersecurity team.

Best Practices

The public sector should adopt a continuous monitoring approach to get the most out of an AI-based NDR solution. With Cynamics, we are continuously monitoring your network so you don't have to. Cynamics is constantly testing and adjusting our system to ensure it is providing the best results for each user. The public sector should also be mindful of privacy when deploying AI-based systems while making sure the correct laws and regulations are being complied with. Cynamics only takes <1% of your network, keeping your data safe, without ever looking into the payload.

If your government organization is looking for new ways to enhance its cybersecurity posture and capabilities, book a demo with us to learn more about our solution, or start free for 30 days to see Cynamics protect your network. Explore our website and resources tab to download free white papers to gain valuable insights.


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