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Hidden Pattern Recognition (HPR): Future-Ready NDR

Today’s networks are complex and complicated, becoming a messy mix between on-prem (physical network), private-cloud, and public-cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP), raising the need for complete network coverage, visibility, and threat prediction across the entire environment to be critical than ever.

In my opinion, this landscape consists of two tectonic technological revolutions in today’s network which are (a) the exponential growth in network traffic volumes, and (b) the encryption of data sent over the network. And these revolutions are only becoming more significant with every day passing - more network traffic with more encryption.

These two are practically sparring the existing legacy NDR solutions which are using appliances and agents to collect and analyze network traffic. Due to the volumes they cannot scale and can merely cover a small and limited portion of the network (from my experience, less than 10%), and due to the encryption, they cannot look into the actual payload and perform deep packet inspection (DPI) like they used to.

There is an urgent need for a new paradigm for network detection and response, one that can cope with any network size and any network traffic volumes on the one hand, while being agnostic to data encryption and is able to detect attacks and threats without being told what of the packet’ payload bytes are malicious.

Well, Cynamics next-generation hidden pattern recognition (HPR) is future-ready and stands at the crossroad of these technological revolutions. Collecting small network samples allows Cynamics to scale to the largest networks out there, and hidden pattern analysis is analyzing network patterns in different layers and levels and predicting the most sophisticated attacks without ever looking into the payload. Instead of the deep packet inspection, think deep pattern recognition.

Cynamics clients get to see their full network like nothing before, not leaving any part behind as a blindspot. Reach out to us today and get ready to the future.

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