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China Wants Your Satellite...

The Financial Times article “China Building Cyber Weapons to Attack Enemy Satellites” should have everyone worried. CISA describes China as “currently representing the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat to U.S. Government and private-sector networks. China’s cyber pursuits and its industry’s export of related technologies increase the threats of aggressive cyber operations against the U.S. homeland. . . China almost certainly is capable of launching cyber-attacks that could disrupt critical infrastructure services within the United States, including against oil and gas pipelines, and rail systems."

Given the sophistication of state actors such as this, the technology they develop, and their sheer geopolitical ambition, it’s no longer hyperbole.

The increasing complexity of the critical operational infrastructure that runs the U.S. government makes the likelihood of proactively identifying many state-sponsored cyber-attacks close to impossible.

When it does happen, will we know what mission elements are affected? Will we know if we can continue to operate and fulfill the mission? What’s the mission impact of such cyber-attacks? All tough questions.

Mitre has done extensive research on “Evaluating the Impact of Cyber-Attacks on Missions”.

“Using current methods, it is virtually impossible to determine the impact of a cyber-attack on the attainment of mission objectives. Do we know which mission elements are affected? Can we continue to operate and fulfill the mission? Should we wait for recovery? Can we salvage part of the mission? Since it is currently so difficult for humans to comprehend the mission impact of a cyber incident, our ability to respond is much less effective than it could be. We believe that improved knowledge of the mission impact of a cyber-attack will lead to improved, more targeted responses, creating more attack-resistant systems that can operate through cyber-attack.”

Given the complex dependencies between mission elements, especially across SATCOM & hybrid infrastructure, it’s critical we see everything.

Current technology is limited. Cynamics has taken an entirely different approach to the problem.

As the only AI-based threat prediction solution on the market today, Cynamics offers state-of-the-art protection, at speed and scale, with surgical precision, allowing you to proactively protect your most critical assets across the entire network—not just a piece of it.

We’ve built something from the ground up that allows you to address the REALLY tough use cases—to get in front of “bad guys doing bad things”. Whether it’s the FBI, State Dept., or US Army, we enable senior decisions makers do the following:

  1. Minimize vulnerabilities to critical systems.

  2. Understand the threat to those systems.

  3. Minimize adverse impact on mission.

“Measuring mission impact requires knowing the mission activities that fulfill mission needs, the supporting cyber assets, and understanding how the effects of an attack change mission capability”.

Cynamics is a new weapons system that can help you do that. Visit our website and schedule your demo today.


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