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How Micro-Segmentation Strategy Can Protect You From Ransomware

Ransomware campaigns are well known for quietly penetrating the perimeter, exploiting internal machines, and from there propagating and infecting valuable assets.

Micro-segmentation allows organizations to control and block these lateral east-west movements within the organization. It provides each application the required connectivity, but restricts internal communications if they are not required by the business services.

It means that by successfully implementing the Micro-segmentation strategy, organizations can improve their security posture and protect themselves from ransomware, among other threats and attacks.

About Cynamics Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Cynamics’ next-generation NDR approach collects less than 1% of the network traffic and uses patented AI technology to infer information about the network with 100% accuracy and efficiency. The solution provides full network coverage, visibility, and threat prediction, is appliance-less and agent-less, and can be deployed in a manner of minutes within any network size and architecture (on-prem, cloud-native, or hybrid).

How to Use Cynamics NDR for your Micro-Segmentation Strategy

Cynamics AI autonomously discovers subnets and segments in your network, as well as important assets, and sets up best practice alerts to verify their segmentation and detect violations in real time. These threats can then be mitigated using Cynamics' auto-remediation capability which is fully integrated into existing 3rd party mitigation solutions. The outcome of this methodology is advanced east-west enforcement across the internal network.

Fig 1. Cynamics identifies cyber attacks with the potential to breach the entire network, including sensitive data

Fig 2. Cynamics effectively mitigates the attack, by enforcing east-west security policies.

Cynamics NDR for Microsegmentation - Real-Life Example

A hospital offers free wifi for patients and visitors. The security team expects traffic from this Wi-Fi network to the internet. Usually, the wifi network does not cause risk to the core network, since the communication is from the mobile devices to the internet.

However, in the following example, Cynamics AI detected unallowed communications from the guest wifi to the sensitive CRM system. Cynamics sent an alert to the security team and shared a detailed attack story regarding the event down to the “smoking gun”.

The security team was able to mitigate this risk, by adding a new firewall policy rule. From now on such connectivity is not possible. Now, with Cynamics AI alerting about lateral movements in real-time and the security team enforcing east-west traffic on a daily basis, the result is Micro-segmentation for the internal network.

Fig 3. The Cynamics Dashboard, featuring the Detection Center


Cynamics NDR can autonomously detect and mitigate risks caused by east-west traffic within the organization. Cynamics AI covers your entire network and alerts you on any suspicious communications to keep the entire organization safe from cyber attacks.

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