The Cynamics Network Solution


Keeping your networks secure and at peak performance is more than just critical; today, it's everything. 
At Cynamics, we make it easy to establish the visibility and coverage you need to protect and optimize your networks.

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Unlimited Visibility

No matter the size and complexity of your networks (on-prem, hybrid or cloud), Cynamics scales with total precision, exposing blind spots and providing 100% coverage.

Fast and Accurate Threat Prediction

Discover hidden traffic patterns proceeding attacks for rapid, precise prediction, to block today’s most damaging threats, including ransomware and DDoS attacks, long before they reach your sensitive assets.


Fully Autonomous

AI automatically monitors your network to detect threats and anomalies, triggering appropriate policies autonomously. It oversees everything happening on your network, so you can focus on operations.


Cynamics is the network detection and response (NDR) solution for total visibility and coverage. It’s everything you need to predict anomalies, prevent threats, and optimize performance.

Automatic Discovery

Cynamics leverages the components deployed on your network to automatically identify all network devices for unlimited visibility.

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Intuitive Dashboard

The user-friendly, feature-rich dashboard displays everything you need to understand real-time security posture from anomaly detection, security forensics to the creation of custom alerts.

SaaS-based Solution

Non-intrusive, quick, and intuitive setup and management so you can get started immediately. Cynamics is a comprehensive and accurate way to achieve 100% network visibility at all times.

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