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Why Is It Important For Your Network To Use a Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solution?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

To properly operate a business means there needs to be a network security plan in place to secure daily operations and data that keep the business running smoothly. Don't just take our word for it - on October 11th the Biden-Harris administration announced plans to strengthen America's cybersecurity efforts. The Whitehouse released a statement stating, "The Biden-Harris Administration has brought a relentless focus to improving the United States’ cyber defenses, building a comprehensive approach to “lock our digital doors” and take aggressive action to strengthen and safeguard our nation’s cybersecurity"

Read more about the statement here

Why Is Network Security Important?

Networks continue to get more complex, making hackers even more shifty and sly, making it critical to implement a network security solution that can protect against attacks coming from multiple angles. Oftentimes, an overlooked angle is a malware that already exists in your network and is waiting for the right moment to hit. This is what a network detection and response solution are designed for - to detect and eliminate back doors before they hit, keeping your network safe and your IT team sharp. There are many attacks happening and new vectors rising daily, making it harder to keep up and legacy network security solutions weaker.

Download this white paper to read more about how Cynamics is unveiling new attack vectors hidden in your network:

But, I already have an IT team to protect my network...

It is easy to think you are well protected by your current network security solution now, but just detecting threats is not enough to compete against harmful data that already exists in your network. Alerting your IT team after finding security threats that are already in a system, in hopes they can diagnose and remove the threat before it becomes a problem, is like buying house insurance after the storm has already wreaked its havoc. It is too late and you need to take preventative steps before irreversible damage drowns your business.

Just finding these threats on your network is one challenge, being able to move quickly and effectively before the threat spreads is another. It is important to reduce the time between threat detection and threat elimination. This is why network detection and response in your network is the only solution.

What Does an NDR Do?

A network detection and response solution continuously scans your network for threats and has automated threat response that eliminates these threats for good. An NDR solution, like Cynamics, is constantly searching your network for suspicious data and learning from it, becoming stronger and smarter against hackers. While the NDR solution detects and eliminates the problem, it also alerts your IT team of the breach, wasting no time. The NDR solution then learns of this new attack vector and is able to mitigate the risk even faster. The overall purpose of implementing an NDR solution is to be on the lookout for breaches 24/7 so your IT team doesn't have to. NDR will always be on alert and act quickly and effectively on your network keeping your data safe and improving network security visibility. NDR extends visibility beyond what you can see and exposes backdoors that already exist in your network.

Next Steps

Read our blog post about the value of having complete network visibility here.

Explore the Cynamics website and discover the benefits of utilizing our solution over legacy vendors and book a demo to see Cynamics in action! Don't wait any longer, secure your network today!

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