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Trustless Verification of Network Policies

Information Technology Departments are under attack. Many small to medium sized businesses in the private sector and municipalities in the government sector simply do not have the time or resources to fend off bad actors. IT Director’s pleas for increased urgency when attempting to provision advanced cybersecurity tools either fall on deaf ears, are simply too expensive to fit within their budget constraints, or are not taken seriously until an attack has happened.

What can trustless mean as it relates to the verification of your network policies?

With blockchain technologies on the rise we often hear of “Trustless systems” which have come to mean that an intermediary acts as a verification tool amongst multiple parties to confirm and execute the arrangement… to put it very simply.

With attacks increasing and resources stretched to their limits, who has time to verify policies that should have been put in place, or were put in place several years ago?

Insecure protocols such as FTP, Telnet, and SNMP should either never be used, or utilized in a very cautious manner with tools in place to monitor the traffic at all times. Other policies such as blocking inbound/outbound RDP traffic with rare exceptions, identification of malicious IPs attempting inbound communication with your network… hopefully not outbound. How easy is it for your organization to verify that this activity is not taking place, or if it is, are you being alerted to it and monitoring it?

An easy first step to increasing your Cyber Hygiene is ensuring your policies are in place, and remain in place.

With Cynamics you have the ability to “Set It and Forget It”. You can sleep soundly knowing that if any of the rules or policies you have put in place are violated you will be alerted about it instantly. You will save dozens of hours of manual effort and have the ability to turn a 2+ person job into something that is autonomously monitored.

Allowing for trustless verification of your network policies will save you money, resources, and increase your cybersecurity posture.

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