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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Recently, it seems like every day we hear about some appliance-based or probe-based cybersecurity solution experiencing breaches within their most critical asset - the appliance/probe itself, which is placed inline in client’ networks. This is a new era in the never-ending cyberwar - for the first time, the very same cyber solution that was supposed to defend us and keep our network safe is actually THE main backdoor to our most important secrets, data, and users, to the backbone of our network.

There is an urgent need for a new cybersecurity paradigm that will be 100% separated from the client’ network and assets such that it will not be able to threaten it, even in case of supply chain attack or sophisticated breach - we need a tangent solution instead of inline, we need appliance-less and agentless solutions that will be hosted far away from our network guaranteeing no-risk and non-intrusiveness.

Cynamics is not installing anything in the client’s network nor updating anything, just activating standard sampling protocols which are already built into the client’ gateways to send us small network samples (less than 1%, no sensitive/private data is ever sent or stored) and using unique AI technology to learn from them and gain 100% visibility. Completely non-intrusive, not increasing the attack surface, yet providing a wide range of network visibility and threat prediction.

As the CISO of a mid-tier service provider told Cynamics:

“After all these recent breaches reported in the news, I decided to shift from probes. Fortunately, I came across Cynamics solution which provided me with the exact set of capabilities I was looking for while removing the risk of vendor breach effect”.

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