Cynamics Network Blueprint

A unified network threat prediction solution that combines artificial intelligence and deep learning.  

Modern networks grow more complex and interconnected every day. With new connections come an increased potential for vulnerabilities and backdoors. Attackers and cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to infiltrate sensitive networks, and overly complex, linked systems allow them to creep inside unnoticed. Organizations have been trying to address these threats for years, with little success. 

Cynamics Network Blueprint
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The Challenges

Cynamics-Network have become more comple

Network have become more complex

Thousands of diverse and interconnected components are constantly exchanging huge amounts of data over a multitude of networks legacy equipment, the cloud and hybrid environments.

Cynamics-Monitoring is challenging.jpg

Monitoring is challenging

Existing monitoring solutions are limited and costly, which leads to major potential blindspots in networks.

Cynamics-The market is stagnant.jpg

The market is stagnant

The network monitoring market hasn't changed significantly in over 30 years, and appliance-based approaches are not applicable or scalable enough in today's complex modern environment. 

Cynamics-Skilled staff is hard to find &

Lacking skilled security staff

The lack of capable and experienced cybersecurity talent leaves networks vulnerable to a myriad of threats.

Introducing the 
Network Blueprint

Cynamics’ innovative algorithms and technologies combine for a new kind of transfer learning, normalizing all different networks to create a single global ‘basic fundamental’, similarly to "language translation" which translates all the different languages into English. This global model keeps evolving and improving autonomously to provide organizations with complete network visibility and threats prediction, as soon as they onboard.

Cynamics- Network blueprint illustration

It's easy


The Network Blueprint is a two-fold breakthrough:

First, it allows exponentially faster learning from threats and attacks detected. So if a new threat is detected in a public safety network, for example, it will immediately update the Network Blueprint to detect similar threats in other (even very different) networks, such as a municipality. 

Second, the Network Blueprint recognizes numerous normal behaviors that may seem as anomalies if looked at from the perspective of a specific local network, thereby cutting the noises and only flagging events that need to be identified and addressed.

With Cynamics, you can

Discover blindspots.png

Discover Blindspots

Get total visibility to assess security posture and see what you’ve been missing

Expose Backdoors.png

Expose Backdoors

Understand and remediate vulnerabilities to keep attackers out

Predict Attacks.png

Predict Attacks

Find hidden attack patterns in real-time before they hit 

Optimize Performance.png

Optimize Performance

Refine network performance to ensure continuous health and quality

Cynamics-All types of networks are cover

All networks are covered (On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud)

Cynamics-No learning curve.jpg

No learning


Cynamics-No training needed.jpg

No training



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Learn how Cynamics combines two deep learning frameworks - a local expert algorithm and global expert algorithm, for the ability to continuously learn and evolve automatically and autonomously from each network. 


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