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MSP/MSSPs Partner Program


Industry leading threat detection and advanced prediction for MSPs/MSSPs to manage all clients from a single dashboard.

Cynamics MSP/MSSP Partner program is designed for best-in-class partners who think out of the box, literally – no box of any kind required. Cynamics is the first ever cloud-native SaaS based NDR company that provides complete network visibility, AI-driven threat prediction and advanced detection without the use of a single appliance, sensor, probe or agent.


At Cynamics our goal is to increase our partners capabilities and customer confidence by offering unprecedented network visibility for AI-driven threat detection, prediction and mitigation despite network, architecture, and environment complexity.


We believe in total interoperability – protection, detection, and prediction for all clients, anywhere, anytime with anything.

Why partner with Cynamics?

Central Management

Cynamics cloud-native solution makes management simple and accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. MSSP/MSPs can manage all their client’s network security in a central dashboard with granular visibility across multi-tenant, complex environments and architectures.

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Low Touch Deployment

No on-site configuration or installation needed, customers onboard and configure the solution with a few clicks to a network device or VPC and start seeing value within hours not days or weeks. 

Designed for MSP/MSSP

Grow your revenue and protect your bottom line. Cynamics solution is easy and quick to deploy and doesn’t require any additional equipment, training or resources to predict, detect and prevent cyberattacks from a single cloud-based platform, increasing your flexibility and profit margin.

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By becoming a Cynamics partner you will have access to our robust MSSP dashboard, giving you complete visibility across all client networks with 24/7 protection by Cynamics virtual cyber security analysts (VCA) and more importantly the ability to take your business to new heights.

Cynamics is the only Next Generation (NG) Cloud Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution on the market today using standard sampling protocols built-in to every gateway, patented algorithms, as well as AI and Machine Learning, to provide threat prediction and visibility at speed and scale. Built to protect networks of all sizes and complexity, its highly scalable approach discovers threats missed by competitors and provides clients and partners with an elite defense against cyberattacks, with little-to-no burden on their resources.


Get your free trial today
and keep your network secured.

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