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Backend Engineer


Cynamics is the only sample-based, next-generation network detection and response for threatprediction and visibility at scale. It’s probe-less and agent-free and uses just 1% of networktraffic to get 100% visibility using our state-of-the-art patented and academically-acknowledgedAI.
We are looking for a talented engineers to join our R&D team for full time capacity.


  • Learn quickly and independently, maintain close ties to engineers and product managers

  • Collaborate with the global R&D team to determine technical requirements for new software and features

  • Create and design services, engines, and components for new and existing features according to the company roadmap

  • Adapt new and existing Cynamics codebases to new environments and customers, inaccordance with compliance requirements

  • Be a part of the technical roadmap definition and prioritization processes to facilitate theuse of new technologies and development processes

  • Ensure software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility, etc.

  • Provide technical guidance and mentoring to R&D team members


  • 2+ years of experience with Python - a must

  • Familiarity with AWS Cloud services - a must

  • Experience with version control systems and workflow - a must

  • Knowledge in software architecture patterns and best practices - an advantage

  • Familiarity with node.js - an advantage

  • Experience with terraform and CloudFormation - an advantage

  • Strong technical background and problem solving skills

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, as well as organizational skills


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Application submitted. Thank you!

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