Using 1% of Your Network Traffic to Get 100% Visibility


Here’s How it Works 


It starts with radically small traffic samples

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The Cynamics SaaS-based solution doesn’t require any changes to your network. No appliances or agent installation is needed, and it’s non-intrusive, so there’s no-risk.


Our solution is agnostic to your network hardware and architectures and collects radically small traffic samples from every network device or VPC, no matter if it’s a legacy router, a private cloud, or public cloud, using standard sampling protocols that are built-in to every network device.


We have developed a series of innovative algorithms and technologies that combine statistical-based inference, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to accurately infer complete network visibility and predict threats from given samples.


Next, we add in innovative machine learning techniques

Machine learning techniques infer the most likely behavior of the total network traffic, based on the small samples we observe. Then, it automatically learns the most important network fields and uses them to summarize the network state in each device at each timestamp and autonomously understands changing trends in the network.

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predict threats.png

Then we apply unique AI methodologies to predict threats long before they hit

Our detection models continuously analyze these patterns over time in several layers, including each device or VPC, the entire network level, etc. and looks for suspicious behaviors.


Since models are based on analysis of small samples of network traffic, processing time is significantly less than current solutions which require collection, processing, and analyzing each and every packet - enabling early and faster detection. 


Finding the hidden patterns preceding attacks and anomalies

Previously unseen patterns revealed what’s really taking place on networks in real-time, without the impractical and costly need to monitor each and every packet. So it’s cost-effective, time-efficient, and provides holistic coverage for your network.


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