Unlimited Visibility & Unprecedented Scalability for Your Mission Critical Networks

Smart City networks grow more complex and connected each day. But new connections mean new vulnerabilities and backdoors. Detecting threats, optimizing network resources and solving performance issues on complex networks require visibility, which means routing all traffic through appliances. In growing Smart environments, it can take hundreds of appliances to get that comprehensive view.


We’re building the impossible: a scalable, cost-effective network visibility solution to detect threats as they emerge and predict attacks across your entire Smart network.

Why Cynamics? 

Since 2017, sophisticated attacks attacks have hit hundreds of Critical Infrastructure networks around the world, causing at least $10 billion in damages so far.

In 2018, attacks to Smart networks caused millions of dollars in damages and that figure is set to rise by the end of 2019.

In 2019, attacks to US state and local governments cost victims between $500,000- $20,00000 in clean up fees.

Cynamics is the only purpose-built network monitoring solution specifically for Smart City and Critical Infrastructure networks, using just one percent of network traffic to get 100 percent visibility. It’s unlimited visibility at unprecedented scalability so you can stop compromising between coverage and costs.


With Cynamics You Can:

Discover blindspots

Get unlimited visibility across your network to assess security posture & see what you’ve been missing

Expose backdoors

Understand & remediate vulnerabilities before they cause harm

Predict attacks

Find hidden attack patterns in real time before they hit your network 

Optimize networks

Refine your network’s performance to ensure continuous health and quality


Get the unlimited visibility you need to detect threats, protect your network & identify optimization opportunities without blowing your security budget.

Want to learn how we’re turning the impossible into reality?