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Ensuring the transparency and security of your mission critical network has always been crucial.

But in these uncertain times, it’s more critical than ever.

Coronavirus is not slowing down cyber attackers, that is evident from the surge in attacks we have seen in recent days..


With municipal, state, and healthcare IT teams reduced and/or working remotely,

Mission Critical Networks can be vulnerable.

At Cynamics, our goal is to ensure that your networks remain secure even when your team's capacity is diminished.

In the last week, we have seen heroic acts from healthcare workers, government employees, and first responders.  Inspired by this call to service, we at Cynamics want to do our part.

We are offering our advanced cyber-security solutions at no cost, no strings attached, to ANY local or state government,  or healthcare system for as long as this crisis lasts.

Getting set up to protect your network us simple and takes just a few minutes.  Our support team are always here to help if you have any technical questions or concerns.

To protect, and get full visibility of, your network