We’re here to change the network visibility game, ensuring you know exactly what’s taking place all across your mission critical network all the time.


No performance issues, no blindspots, no surprises, no compromising between coverage and costs.

Cynamics is Building the Impossible 


How We Got Here

Cities and Critical Infrastructure Networks are under attack. We know it because we’ve lived through it. 

In 2018, while Eyal was serving as the COO at Carbyne 911, he was scheduled to demo their solution to the CISO of a major southern US city.


Without warning, the city grid was taken down by a major ransomware attack. Needless to say, that meeting was canceled as the city dove headfirst into chaos mode. 

The experience piqued Eyal’s entrepreneurial curiosity and he set out to find a solution to the confusion and panic of network attacks. Along the way, he teamed up with Dr. Aviv Yehezkel and discovered that current network visibility solutions only provide partial visibility at best. Not only that, to get that partial visibility, cities need 100s of appliances, driving security costs sky high. 


Now Eyal and Aviv had two challenges to beat; to develop an entirely scalable solution that grants UNLIMITED visibility to networks, while ensuring cities and Critical Infrastructure providers stay within their security budget. 

 And now, we’ve built the impossible: a scalable, cost-effective network visibility solution that optimizes performance issues and detects threats on mission critical networks as they emerge and prevents attacks before they occur.

Who we are


Founder, CEO

Eyal Elyashiv

Co-Founder, CTO

Dr. Aviv Yehezkel

Advisory Board

Dr. David Primor

Cybersecurity Industry Expert

Dr. David Primor

Prof. Eli Upfal

ML/AI Industry Expert

Prof. Eli Upfal

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